Celebrate CNY with us at $5 per person only!

Usher in the Year of the Rooster with a difference with us! For only $5 per person, enjoy a sumptuous Singapore-style buffet and Lohei, as well as loads of fun activities! What’s more, all proceeds will go towards charity! Register now to “chope” you tickets!

Overseas Singaporean Unit and Temasek Club (NSW) Inc. are proud to present Chinese New Year Family Day Sydney 2017– a festival of family get-together, food and activities!
To welcome more members and friends to this joyous occasion, this year’s event will be held in Optus Campus in Macquarie Park, which offers a splendid space for a massive reunion for families and friends. Expect a full banquet of Singapore-style buffet, preceded by our favourite Lo Heiof course! 

We’ve also lined up a series of fun-filled activities for both young and old, including:
– lion dance (kids get to try it out too!)
– ball pit
– face painting
– movie screening
– Chinese calligraphy try-out, and more!

The event is opened to all Singaporeans and Temasek Club members, if your membership has expired or going to expire, this is a great opportunity to renew or extend your membership! Just send your applications to membership@temasekclub.com.au!

Non-members who wish to attend the event will be required to provide their Singapore NRIC number for identification at the reception.

Event details
Venue: Optus Campus, 1 Lyonpark Rd, Macquarie Park NSW 2113
Event start: 11:30 am
Event end: 4:00 pm
Ticket pricing: $5 per person (all proceeds will go towards charity)

Contact Shuonan at 0476 179 006 or shuonan.zhao.tc@gmail.com if you have any questions.

11:30am Guest Arrival
11:45am Arrival of Guest of Honour – His Excellency The High Commissioner of Singapore
11:50am Opening Speech by the Guest of Honour – His Excellency The High Commissioner of Singapore
12:00pm Gates Open
12:15pm Lo Hei
12:30pm Lunch
01:00pm Magic Performance / Concurrently: Ball Pool/Face Painting/Photo Booth/Lion-Dance Try-out/Chinese Calligraphy/Chinese Tea Tasting
01:30pm Movie Screening
03:00pm Lion Dance

See you there!

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