Why join the Temasek Club?

Temasek Club is a social club for residents of NSW who share either a Singaporean background or have an interest in the Singapore community here.

We are a treasure trove of people with a huge wealth of experience in many varied industries who are willing to share our knowledge and expertise as well as welcome others to share with us.

What do I get for my buck?

We many social functions annually. These include corporate functions, dinners, picnics, cooking competition, and social outings. 

Membership benefits include:

  • Discounted prices to Temasek Club paid events
  • Special prizes reserved exclusively for members only lucky draws at major events.
  • Attendance to members-only events

Membership Packages

Ordinary Member  Associate Member  1 year : $30 3 years : $60 
Ordinary Family Associate Family 1 year : $40 3 years : $80
Ordinary Senior Member Associate Senior Member 1 year : $15 3 years : $30
Student Flat $10 
Corporate $200 per annum

Ordinary Member: Citizen, former citizen, and/or permanent resident of Singapore aged 18 and above and residing in Australia

Associate Member: Citizen or permanent resident of a country other than Singapore aged 18 and above, residing in Australia who has previously lived in Singapore or has business, professional, academic, social or cultural connections with Singapore, Singaporeans or former Singaporeans

Family Member: Couples and/or their children under the age of 18

Senior Member: Aged 60 and above, and residing in Australia

Corporate member: corporation incorporated under the laws of Singapore or Australia or other foreign jurisdictions and which has business, trading interests or relationshipsh with citizens, permanent residents, corporations, government or non-government entities of Singapore

Student member: citizens, former citizens and/or permanent residents of Singapore aged 18 years and above who are engaged in full-time study at a recognised institution of higher education in Australia. Membership is valid for duration of degree.

So how do I sign up?

Please contact us at