TalentChef 2015 : A Resounding Success!

As part of the SG 50 celebrations, the Temasek Club organized its first-ever TalentChef competition at Twin Sails, Bicentennial Park on Saturday, 23 May. There were more than 40 enticing entries for the competition proper while many other delectable dishes were served up for everyone present to savour. You name it, we had it – everything from local delights such as Hokkien Mee and Apom Jala to more eclectic fare such as Spaghetti Goreng.

In celebrating the significance of SG50, one of the attendees made a Singapore flag out of Kueh Lapis and accompany the cake with its wording of “Singapore 50 years” using Angku Kuih (Red Tortoise Cake). Check out the winners!



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